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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Be A Bestseller Novel Competition 2014 #beabestseller

I've found a subject to briefly talk about, (being as I've written nothing on the blog in ages.)
ITV's This Morning and Curtis Brown Literary Agents are running a Competition for novel writers, called Be A Bestseller.
The competition only runs for a mere 10 days!
I was keen to enter until I spotted the fact that the finalists have to go on TV.
Now it's not that I expect to be a finalist, obviously, but when you're not the sort of person who would voluntarily step into the limelight, these horrific eventualities must be considered.
My first thought was therefore: There is no way on earth that I'm entering this competition.
But I continued reading about it anyway...
I noticed that it was free to enter. That I could win a place on a Creative Writing Course. I could end up being represented by Curtis Brown (with whom I have had communications before)...
Ultimately I could end up with my book being published.
I already have a shapely 3000 words of ABNORMAL edited, plus a synopsis that just needs trimming. Is it ridiculous to be too scared to enter?
I wonder how many other writers won't enter for the very same reasons.
A lot, methinks.

So I HAVE to enter, don't I?


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