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July 2012

Welcome to my Novel Creation, Live.

This is me, frightened.

I may well look apprehensive. My challenge - should I choose to accept it - is to write an exciting contemporary novel, right here, right now...

Well, on the other page.

I've been writing fiction for many years now in the cold privacy of my own
home, keeping myself to myself. I have five-point-something novels in various states of undress littering my study, some have garnered interest from agents, some are still in progress...

But now I've had a better idea...

And I'm impatiently abandoning a longstanding project to launch myself through space. Cyber space, that is...

I aim to write a brand new novel - ABNORMAL - live on this blog - as quickly and coherently as I can - whilst maintaining top quality prose.

How the devil will it all pan out?
Of course I have no idea.

I'm hoping we can find out together. I need support. I may well be herniated by the end.
I'm open to comments, praise, ideas, kittens - whatever you want to say or send. But, most of all, I need you to keep on reading!

And when you're loving ABNORMAL, please tell everyone you know to read it too. I'll be updating as often as possible but I have to be realistic. I need some thinking space between my leaps into the darkness...

But ultimately... Oh, go on then, I accept my challenge.

For more information about me please see my website too:


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1 comment:

  1. Great idea, look forward to a good daily read..go girl..!! :-)