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And it's no laughing matter. 

  • I will write ABNORMAL on this blog from beginning to end.

  • Hopefully there will also be a middle :0)

  • I'm allowed to edit as I go along. If something turns to shit you'd want me to try and save it. I hope. So keep flicking back, things might change...
  • I'll try not to make drastic changes. After all, who wants to read a slippery book which is altering right behind you? (Hmm, interesting idea.) That might be precisely what ends up happening.

  • I aim to sprinkle in some vital ingredients to make this novel compelling. Stuff like humour, intrigue, a dollop of the unusual, (semi) realism, top-notch prose, sex and quirky characters. Have I set the bar too high?

  • I am allowed to big myself up in the name of promotion.

  • The novel will start out genre-free, so that it may be unconstricted by the shackles of categorisation.

  • This site and material is copyright protected.

  • As a dedicated writer, and a screaming perfectionist, this experiment is a big challenge for me. Strictly speaking though, this isn't a rule.

  • Feel free to make suggestions. Although I reserve the right, as creator, to quietly pretend I never heard you.

  • Rules are there for smashing :0)

Copyright © July 2012 Sara J Sheikh. All rights reserved.

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